Today Naturopathic medicine utilizes wisdom from the time honored traditions of nutritional medicine, botanical herbalism, joint manipulation, diet and lifestyle counseling and combines this with contemporary tools of modern science. Naturopaths are trained and licensed to interpret diagnostic laboratory and imaging tests to diagnose and treat disease. In Naturopathic medicine while our training includes physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and pathology, we look more to intervene with whole-body medicine. By analyzing the eating habits, exercise, thoughts and lifestyle behaviors that have lead to an imbalance, the underlying cause of illness can be indentified and corrected. Each treatment is unique to the individual patient.

About the


Dr. Klos received his doctorate in Naturopathy (ND) from Bastyr University and his bachelors (BA) from Evergreen where he studied philosophy. He has two additional years of pre-med in biology and chemistry. He is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Washington and is currently in private practice in Woodinville.

As a naturopath, I offer holistic natural medicine for the whole family. I treat most complaints from colds to chronic conditions. I especially find it gratifying to help patients with digestive issues.

Food Allergy Testing:

Utilizing IgG/IgG antibody testing


14 day program designed to restore balance and vitality

Muscle and Joint Pain:

With stretching, joint manipulation, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy

Complete Nutrition:

Including diet analysis and dietary education (Including recipes)

Lab Testing:

At our clinic we can check your cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid and other values via standard labs


Nutritional supplementation and if necessary antibiotics, bio-identical hormones, thyroid medication, vitamin B12 injections

Integrated Clinic:

In addition to naturopathy, we offer acupuncture. My clinic is called Health Moves. See link below.

Conditions Treated:

Gastro-intestinal complaints, fatigue, headaches, colds, neck/back pain, food allergies, sinusitis, high cholesterol and more

Principles of

Naturopathic Medicine

VIS MEDICATRIX NATURE: The healing power of nature. This law recognizes the body’s intelligence to restore balance.

PRIMUM NON NOCERE: First do not harm. It’s my goal to utilize the least invasive, least toxic therapies.

TOLLE CAUSAM: Find the cause. Addressing the underlying reason for an illness leads to real healing.

DOCERE: Teaching. My role is to be a resource for my patients; a partnership that emphasizes self-responsibility for health.

TREAT THE WHOLE PERSON: Balanced health involves physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual congruence.

PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE: The best way to be healthy is not to become ill in the first place. A healthy lifestyle involves nutrition, exercise, positive thinking, emotional maturity and spiritual growth.

During your visit I will draw from a variety of modalities. The combination will depend on what will best facilitate your healing.

Nutritional Medicine

Full botanical dispensary

Craniosacral therapy

Laboratory blood

Urine analysis

Detoxification plans

Allergy elimination

Joint manipulation/stretching

B12 injections

Comprehensive individual treatment plans